where do you want to go from here

Things my 20 something self would love to make... immersive art installations (!!), sensory spaces, visual album experiences, retail window fronts, creative work spaces, experiential marketing pop-ups, set designs, photoshoot build outs, special event installations, interior design for themed businesses (insert your theme bar here), shop-scapes, narrative driven spaces, educational spaces for children, hidey holes and tree houses ✨


Lauren Clinkenbeard is an emerging multimedia and installation artist whose work focuses on exploring identity and the elements that contribute to the way we see ourselves and how that self is reflected in our conscious and subconscious interactions with other individuals, physical spaces, and social structures. Her process begins with a personal practice she calls “memory mining” in order to create reimagined concepts of familiar or personal spaces using found and evocative objects, humorous imagery, and textured 5 sense engaging mixed media. The outcomes are environments and performances that aim to allow viewers to make peace with past experiences, imagine a dreamy utopian future, or just enjoy, in the midst of a troubling world, feeling like a six year old again.





september 2019

the outer realm

the outer realm is an endeavor to learn by doing. Starting in November of 2018 I began renovating a garage for a self funded immersive art installation exploring childhood imagination. This is my first public art installation but I have been designing secret spaces from my blanket fort days on. I have always reveled in my own private hideouts and now I am inviting the world in. I've found that in the outer realm, a world of nightmares and daydreams, I can see clearly my own light and maybe even darkness.

december artwalk 2019

Dreamscapes, Northwest Cultural Center: Seattle

This group show embodies the deepest places of the imagination. Prompted by this concept I chose to explore a series based on childhood doodles. This collection consisted of a mini installation of 3D amoeba shapes, 10 flat work pieces, and 9 mobiles. The work is characterized by movement, coloring outside the lines, and the wreck-less abandon of my youth.

august 2020

Sessions In Place: Heddwen Music: MAKING MY HOME IN THE DESERT

A trio of mystic fluid sculptural forms that evoke the resilience of the desert landscape. Comprised of sculpting wire mesh, chicken wire, mod rock and papier-mâché. These rock creatures surrounded Heddwen during their livestream concert and worked in unison to create a hauntingly beautiful evening at the Sorento Hotel.

feb-april 2020

Baby's First Bath, Shunpike Arts: Storefronts 2020

I kinda said to myself what is the most unexpected thing a person could see as they pass by on the street and the piece was born. This piece was meant to be a window into the secret life of the monster that lives under your bed. The work is part of the continuing examination of the ‘outer realms’ of the mind and asks: is fear our friend, how do we respond to the serendipitous, how do we know the difference between what’s real and imagined? The art invites the passerby to remain curious, and peek around life’s corners for unexpected magic.

May 2020

Sessions In Place: Larsen Gardens

Floral set decoration for the livestream concert for the band Larsen Gardens.

Valentine's Day 2020

𝔪𝔞𝔡𝔞𝔪𝔢 𝔰𝔢𝔩𝔣𝔩𝔬𝔳𝔢'𝔰 𝔤𝔞𝔯𝔡𝔢𝔫 𝔠𝔞𝔫𝔬𝔭𝔢́, Deep Affection: Hiawatha Art Club, Anti-Valentines Day Show 2020

Self love is often perceived as a privilege when it should be a right. This tender tent was an invitation to luxuriate in a moment of “public solitude.” This witchy, Midsomar-ian, blanket fort was a divergence from my usual aesthetic meant to use campy over top imagery to remind guest that self love isn’t only for the few but an open invitation for the many. A cluster of plush pillows invites you to soak in. A letter box to write notes to your younger self. A treasure box, take a treasure that speaks to you. A collaborative collage that’s a community ode to self love. This was an interactive piece and it’s guests really dictated the experience. A moment of pause in the midst of all you’re going through, that's what I crave on Valentine’s Day.

october 2018

FOR DAD, The Factory: Seattle

Created by a 3 person film collective known as the Sexy Bitch Collective for a multidisciplinary arts night at The Factory, this performance art film explored the grief of walking through the illness of a loved one. FOR DAD used camp and humor to ask the question is there a right way to grieve. How do we marginalize grief and the mourner. Who gets to grieve, when, and in what ways? And what happens when the mundane activities of caring for another's health send you down the rabbit hole?

performance art

I began performing at a young age. I have always been compelled by characters that see the world in a different way or are driven by their emotions. My performance experience includes theater, film, performance art, production, modeling and commercial work. My performance background informs every piece I create. Even my visual art aims to create a whole person sensory experience and is driven by narrative which directly mirrors my performance work.